Walker Ceramics Special Stoneware

Walker Ceramics Special Stoneware (Hammered) SSW - 10kg

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NEW - Our traditional Special Stoneware now Hammer Milled as oppopsed to Filter Pressed. Still all the same properties!
This gives a clay with a bit more body and grog to it. Still beatiful for all methods of forming - from handbuilding to thrown.
Intrinsically fine but has a very small proportion of grog up to 2-3 mm
Easy to use - suits all production methods

Firing range: 1240-1300°C
Mesh size: 14 
Texture: Smooth to medium
% Shrinkage wet to dry: 3.4
% Shrinkage dry to fired: 12.1@1280°C
Fired colour (oxidation): Creamy grey mottle
Fired colour (reduction): Grey with buff speckle