Welcome To Sajo Ceramics

Sajo is Open for the New Year! 
We are back in the swing of things and all classes have resumed.
A Note from Jo Maggs
We have set up our studio to be an affordable, fun place where anyone can come and enjoy the art of pottery and ceramics. Where there are very little rules except to respect your fellow artists, their work and the studio, to relax and learn that there is no end to the possibilities when working with clay..........

At Sajo Ceramics you can...
  • Join a casual pottery class or social pottery & ceramics session, take a workshop to have a go at the pottery wheel, or just use our Melbourne studio facilities on a casual basis. 
  • Discover beautiful stoneware handmade tiles for a unique splashback or outdoor wall feature or make your own! 
  • Explore a huge catalogue of ceramic pieces to paint in both acrylic paints and fired finishes, made to order from vintage and modern bisque designs. 
  • Buy hand made tile blanks for your school or community project, ready for you to paint, carve or decorate.
  • Purchase supplies from our vast range of clays, glazes, & tools etc.