4-Piece Trimming Tool Set 3 (S1, T5, T6, T7)

4-Piece Trimming Tool Set 3 (S1, T5, T6, T7)

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Looking for some new ceramic trimming tools to add to your collection? Purchase the DiamondCore Pottery Trimming Tools Set 3 and receive four great ceramic tools all bundled into one convenient package. The Pottery Trimming Tools Set 3 includes: 

  • A T5 Torch Trimming Tool with Talon Handle
  • A T6 Spade Trimming Tool with Boat Handle
  • A T7 Avocado Trimming Tool with Flat Round Handle
  • An S1 Sticky Pad 203 mm (8")

T5 Torch Clay Trimming Tool with Talon Handle

  • The angled tip blade is perfect for adding small features and blending them seamlessly into your piece
  • Talon-shaped handle tip provides bonus pottery sculpting tool

T6 Spade Clay Trimming Tool with Boat Handle

  • This trimming tool features a pointed-tip blade that's perfect for trimming the foot at the bottom of the pot
  • The bonus sculpting tool is boat-shaped

T7 Avocado Clay Trimming Tool with Flat Round Handle

  • The avocado shape is perfect for rounding out bowls and other pieces with varying curves 
  • Bonus sculpting tool is a flat rounded tip 

S1 Sticky Bat 

  • The thick, rubberized material helps to grip the piece and adds extra stability 
  • Can be used on a pottery wheel or banding wheel for any gripping needs