Mayco Clear Glaze Crystal Clear Dipping - 11.3 Lt Pail

Mayco Clear Glaze Crystal Clear Dipping S-2000 - 11.3 Lt

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Ideal for large quantities of pieces. Dinnerware safe and luster compatible. S-2000 offers the same clarity as NT-CLR but contains fewer additives and is therefore thinner than NTCLR. This glaze has a higher coefficient of expansion (higher thermal expansion) and is more tolerant of high expansion bodies. S-2000 contains a light-blue dye to help you see where the glaze was applied. The fundamental performance difference between our two clear glazes is in their rates of expansion: NT-CLR has a lower rate of expansion, S-2000 a higher rate. As you gain experience with specific clays or bisque bodies and monitor firing results, you’ll understand which clear glaze is right for you.

Firing range: Shelf Cone 06 - 1000C

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