P16 Straight U Tip 1mm Zebrawood Pencil Carver

P16 Straight U Tip 1mm Zebrawood Pencil Carver

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Zebrawood pencil carvers can be used for clay carving, sgraffito, mishima, sculpting, scraping and more. Zebratools are constructed of hand-made exotic zebrawood handles and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. No other tool can match these tools in performance. They leave little or no burs or debris, carver faster and deeper if desired, with much less resistance and therefore with much less hand/wrist/muscle fatigue.  They are sharp enough to carve bone dry or leatherhard clay.  They are much sharper than ordinary loop tools, have adjustable blade angle, a built-in stylus, and a comfortable foam grip. The blades are self-sharpening (made of .004" sheet stainless steel ), and are designed with a wider opening in the back to prevent clogging, leaving cleaner, crisper lines. Carving is done with the "beak" down and sgraffito is optimum with the "beak" facing up.

    1mm "U" Tip straight blade
    Zebrawood pencil 
    for creating shallow, fine, sgraffito lines

    sgraffito or shallow carving 
    mishima, sculpting, scraping and more
    easy depth control for nice linework
    both sides of the blade are the same
   leave little to no burs or debris
   carve faster and deeper if desired
   can carve bone dry or leatherhard clay
   adjustable blade angle
   5.5" long pencil-type handle
   comfortable foam grip reduces fatigue
   beautiful hardwood built-in stylus
   self-sharpening stainless steel blades
   spare blade sets are available

Use all appropriate safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Wood grain and foam grip colors may vary.   Made in USA.

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