Mayco Stoneware Gloss Dry Powdered Glaze


For a limited time - 5lbs varieties still available - but get in quick, once sold, we won't be getting this size again.

Mayco’s Stoneware glazes are available in both liquid pint and dry glazes in increments of 10 lbs. Dry formulas are added to water and used in buckets for dipping or pouring techniques. Many functional potters prefer dipping to painting for even coverage. The colors and formulas are identical in dry form, minus the added organic gums. Mayco Stoneware Dry glazes (SD is the prefix, it stands for Stoneware Dry)  are great for pieces with a lot of surface texture and for layering techniques.

Firing range: Shelf Cone 6 to 10 - 1200 to 1300C

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