Keanes White Earthenware Paper Clay - 10kg

Keanes White Earthenware Paper Clay - 10kg

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A white clay. Contains cellulose fibres which provide flexible working properties and additional green strength. Suitable for all handbuilding applications. Fires a warm white. The tiny fibres are barely visible and may be burnished smooth with a finger, rubber rib or stone.

Green strength: The knitting together of the paper fibres adds considerable strength when dry. This added strength is a onus when coping with rough handling and misadventure when transporting.

Joining: Can be done at any stage. Best joined at firm leather hard stage, with care wet paper clay can be successfully joined to dry and vice versa by scratching and gluing with paper clay slurry. Reinforce with coils where possible.
Repairs: Breakages are easily repaired by simply joining with paper clay slip. Should cracks appear, putty crack with more paper clay. This can also be successful even after the bisque firing.

Note ** Higher Bisque Cone 05 - 1050c. Recommended maximum firing temperature for Glaze is Cone 03 - 1100c. Not suitable for Stoneware or Mid Fire.

Firing range: 1000-1100c (Cone 06-03)

Shrink: 1100c - 6%