Keanes Mid Fire Dark Matter 10kg

Keanes Mid Fire Dark Matter 10kg

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Keane’s Dark Matter is a new dark mid fire clay with a broad cross section of added grog to provide plenty of structure and fleck at cone 5 to 6 (1200c – 1220c)

Sitting midway between Keane’s White Raku and Keane’s Special K for coarseness.  This body stands up well for coil or slab work yet Dark Matter also behaves nicely on the wheel.

Glaze fit qualities have been tuned to suit most commercially available mid fire glazes.

Safe to handle and use functionally.  Does not contain manganese or copper in its formulation.

Please note not all Clear Glazes can handle a black this pure! For a crystal clear finish over our Black Mid Fire, avoid glazes containing Zinc. We recommend AMACO High Fire Sahara Zinc Free (AMHFS9), however customers should always glaze test samples prior to applying to important pieces as batch recipes can change without notice..

Firing Temp: 1222 - Cone 6