Keanes Lumina Porcelain

Keanes Lumina Porcelain 700 Clay - 10kg

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KEANE Lumina is a beautiful crisp white porcelain. We have used the most expensive micro-fine iron-free bentonite with the brightest firing kaolins. The result is a silky smooth white body with a glossy finish. KEANE Lumina is a true porcelain so firing accurately is important. It vitrifies at cone 10, the absorption is zero. Thin pieces will be amazingly translucent. In reduction it is a unique blue-white colour. The added bentonite makes the workability of this clay incredible. Customers are loving the ease with which they can throw and turn this clay. The glaze fit is excellent for a true porcelain. Recommended firing temperature is cone 10. Shrinkage at cone 10 oxidation is 14.6% Shrinkage at cone 10 reduction is 14.8%

Firing range: 1000-1300c (Cone 06-10)

Shrink: 1000c - 1.5%, 1300c - 15.5%