Keanes Black Mid Fire Clay - 10kg
Keanes Black Mid Fire Clay - 10kg
Keanes Black Mid Fire Clay - 10kg

Keanes Black Mid Fire Clay - 10kg

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The One & Only - Mid Fire Black is a standout in the Mid Fire Family. Not only is it the only true black clay made here in Australia, it’s the only one of my kind without manganese dioxide which makes me safe to handle as well as food safe.

Smooth & Fine - Mid Fire Black is commonly mistaken for being a member of the Porcelain family. Its smooth fine body means it’s like silk to throw with. It’s also renown for intricate detail in hand-building + sculptural pieces. 

Glaze - Like it’s sibling Dark Matter, this is only black clays made in Australia and offer an element of surprise with glaze. It offers a smooth dark finish so Potters like to use light glazes for dramatic contrast. Be prepared for unanticipated results when pairing glazes with it as the strong pigment can produce surprisingly different results than lighter family members.

Amaco Match - Not all clear glazes can handle Mid Fire Blacks pure black pigment. For a crystal clear finish we suggest avoiding glazes that contain Zinc. This is why it’s best matched with the AMACO High Fire Sahara Zinc Free.

Specs - Mid Fire was years in the making, striving for the highest standard of material safety. Containing no manganese dioxide potters can explore all forms of functional ware with this clay body. Shrinkage is 13% and absorption is 1.5% Wet to Dry Shrinkage 5-6%


Bisque fired 1000o @ cone 06

Glaze fired – 1222o @ cone 6

Fired natural – 1222o @ cone 6