T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle

T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle

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Now you can trim your ceramic pieces with the same technology used for our highly successful Zebrawood carving tools. These beautiful tools are specifically designed with trimming in mind.  They possess many of the features artists have been asking for which were not previously available in the industry. 

Features of the T1 Half Dome:

          Extremely sharp blade every time you use it

          Self-sharpening blades which only get sharper with each use

          Replaceable Blades - spare blade sets are available 

          Rugged stainless steel blades which can't rust or shatter

          Unique optimized blade design to reduce chattering

          Rough-sanded, handles for better grip and less fatigue

          12mm Squarish-shaped handles for improved control          

          The feel of a high performance tool but without the price tag 

          Currently each tool comes with one free spare blade

          Excellent also for carving, shaving, sculpting, scraping and more

          Beautiful exotic hardwood handles

The Half Dome has a 17mm wide blade with both a rounded side and a square corner.  It is optimum to shave off large, thin ribbons then transition to the square corner to shape the walls of the foot. It is perfect for rounding out bowls, leading up to a straight foot.  The half dome's unique design allows users to seamlessly transition from a curved, rounded blade to a straight, corner cut. The end of this handle is shaped like a paddle for a bonus burnishing tool useful for getting a smoother bottom or adding a sheen to the surface of your pot.  

Use all appropriate safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Wood grain may vary.  Handmade in USA.