Walker Ceramics Underglaze Pencil Black

Chrysanthos Underglaze Pencil

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Lead free, non-toxic underglaze pencil

Chrysanthos Underglaze Pencils are intended for use on bisque where it is desired to create a fine line or shade. They can also be used for identification or marking test pieces. After application to bisque, the pencil colour should be coated with a clear glaze before firing to the glaze s maturing temperature. The first coat of glaze should be sponged on over the pencil design to prevent the design from coming off if a brush-on glaze is used. If the glaze is to be sprayed on or dipped on, it is not necessary to sponge glaze over the pencil design.

Note, that unlike regular pencils, care must be taken in sharpening underglaze pencils. Do not use a pencil sharpener. It is best to sharpen them with a knife or blade.

Chrysanthos Underglaze Pencils may be fired between Cone 06 (999c) and Cone 10 (1305c).