Diamond Sandpaper
Diamond Sandpaper
Diamond Sandpaper

Diamond Sandpaper

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    Diamond Grit 'Sandpaper'
    Available in 2.5" x 4" or 8.5" x 11" sizes.
    Backing extremely thin and flexible
    Grit sizes available:  120, 200, 400, 800 (60, and 1500 not available at this time)

   • Great for smoothing intricate details or tight crevices. 
   • Works on bone dry, bisque, high-fired clay or glaze, glass, tile, stone
   • Perfect for sanding contoured areas
   • Removing a sharp edge on a handle, rim or foot.
   • Much easier for smoothing rounded areas

   • Can be used wet or dry
   • Extremely flexible for getting in tight areas 
   • Doesn't disintegrate in water like sandpaper
   • Much faster than sandpaper
   • Much longer-lasting than sandpaper
   • Requires fewer strokes and less force than sandpaper