Diamond R Tool Set (Complete set of R1-R212, 3-Piece Finger Brush Set)
Diamond R Tool Set (Complete set of R1-R212, 3-Piece Finger Brush Set)

Diamond R Tool Set (Complete set of R1-R212, 3-Piece Finger Brush Set)

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With the R Series Diamond Set 3, every handheld clay extruder we make will be right at your fingertips! This set includes our original R1 through R18 extruders, made to "handle" every shape you could think of, from simple ovals to intricate ridges. In addition, you'll get every extruder in our NEW R100 Series and R200 Series. Our R100 extra-small extruders are delightful for smaller handles on cups and trays, while our R200 extra-large extruders are beefy updates that are great for making handles for pitchers or platters. Whatever you're making, this set will have the extruder you need to get a grip on your pottery.

Each Diamond Set comes with free tool engraving and a printed card that you can add your own sentiments to — your choice to give it as a gift or treat yourself! With 33 R tool shapes to choose from, the foot and handle designs you can create for your ceramic pieces are nearly limitless.


  • Includes 33 tools: 1 of every tool in our R Series, R100 Series and R200 Series of handheld clay extruders
  • Comes with 3-Piece Finger Brush Set 1
  • All tools are packed in multiple protective, environmentally friendly boxes
  • Protective boxes packed in 1 sleek, elegant gift box
  • Free personalized engraving on every tool
  • The gift box features a festive ribbon and blank notecard to add your message
  • Box size approximately 14 inches X 9 inches X 4 inches
  • The wood grain of tools may vary & the ribbon color on the gift box may vary


  • Variety of foot and handle-making tool shapes quickly slice through clay slabs
  • Great for creating consistent feet, handles, and more
  • Adjustable-depth ski controls the thickness of the cut
  • Thumb screw allows for easy ski adjustment
  • Stainless-steel blades never dull and resist rust
  • Sharp tools increase efficiency, leave little debris
  • Stylish box is perfect for gift-giving or organizing