4-Piece Exotic Clay Carving Tool Set (P4, P8V, K2, L3)

4-Piece Exotic Clay Carving Tool Set (P4, P8V, K2, L3)

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Want to add some unique ceramic carving tools to your collection? Then you’ll want to take advantage of our limited-time offer on this incredible clay tools set! This carving set features some of the most unusual and fun tools we offer here at DiamondCore® Tools, making it perfect for artists who want to expand their carving tool assortment!

This clay carving tool set features four great tools:

  • P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool
  • P8V Curved V Tip Palm Carver
  • K2 Curved U Tip 6-mm pencil Carver
  • L3 Diamond Stylus Tool 

P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool

  • Features a unique blade that creates shallow-yet-wide “fluting” grooves
  • 5-inch (140-mm) pencil-type handle
  • Advanced blade technology never dulls and minimizes burrs and debris

P8V Curved V Tip Palm Carver

  • Features the popular V tip blade on a shorter, foam-grip-covered handle 
  • Offers increased maneuverability and quicker turning carving capability
  • 5-inch (88-mm) pencil-type handle
  • Proprietary stainless-steel blades are thin, never dull and create detailed lines

K2 Curved U Tip 6 mm Pencil Carver

  • U tip 6 mm curved blade
  • Unique ergonomic handle shape; 30 mm (height), 16 mm (width), 70 mm (length)
  • Design is perfect for artists who make thousands of repetitive strokes
  • DiamondCore® technology means blades stay sharp and resist breaking, rusting

L3 Diamond Stylus Tool 

  • Double football-shaped Diamond Stylus Tool 
  • Designed for freehand sgraffito on dry clay
  • Small diamond tip on one end is 1.5 mm
  • Large diamond tip on the opposite end is 2.35 mm