Neef Brushes

Your Neef brushes, well maintained will give satisfaction for many years. So buy the best brushes you can afford for your purpose and wash carefully ensuring that all paint is removed from the hair, particularly around the ferrule. Store safely until the next painting session. Kerosene is kinder to your brush than turpentine as a cleaner after oil painting. It keeps your brush moist where as your brushes tend to become brittle when cleaning with mineral turps. Form the brush into shape using Vaseline after cleaning.

NEEF GUARANTEE All artists' brushes are hand made and the attention to detail in the manufacturing process has to be seen to be believed. Since 1988 when Neef was established, their brush range we have seen very few faulty brushes to the point where we at Neef stand completely behind our product and offer a 100% guarantee on the quality of materials and manufacture.