Mayco Glazes

Premium Quality Glazes

Mayco is an American brand that produce premium quality glazes and other ceramic products and equipment to the world. Mayco was founded in 1954 in Los Angeles and started off with a small range of underglazes.

Now Mayco are based in Hilliard, Ohio and they’ve grown to become an internationally recognised company within the pottery and ceramics community with a wide range of products available. Even though they’ve grown so much throughout the 50 plus years of business, their commitment to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices remains a priority.

Sajo Ceramics stock and sell a large variety of the Mayco glazing range to Australian consumers at affordable prices. From Stroke and Coat to their underglaze range, Foundations and other specialty glazes, Sajo has a Mayco glaze to suit your needs.

Mayco Colours go through extensive testing and quality control to ensure the best product is produced. Their extensive glaze range includes several product lines with a wide variety of colours, finishes, performance characteristics and textures for a firing range of between cone 06 to cone 10. Colours of the same firing temperature or glaze family can be used together to create endless design possibilities and Sajo provide you with sample tiles or brochures so that you can pick your desired colour and effect, however it is still advised that you test each glaze on the desired clay body before applying it to your final pieces.

The entire Mayco colour range is manufactured in the USA and is reviewed by certified toxicologists from one of America’s Leading universities for appropriate labelling and undergo strict testing to ensure consumers health and safety. Mayco enable potters and ceramicists who predominantly use stoneware clay bodies to explore a wider colour palette allowing them to realise their desired aesthetic with ease.

Sajo currently stock a variety of the newly released Mayco colours with varying finishes.