14" Sticky Bat


StickyBats are 14" diameter rigid ribbed bats covered with our Ultra Grip rubberized material.  They grip greenware or bisque for trimming or smoothing without the need for clay lumps.  Centering rings can be drawn on the surface with a ballpoint pen (which can be washed off later with soap and water), which allows the thickness to be checked easily, saves on trimming time and also prevents clay residue on the piece from using clay lumps.  Tap centering is not necessary.  StickyBats can be used like a Foam Trim Bat and can even be used to grip foam or keep a custom trimming chuck centered.  StickyBats are versatile for a variety of purposes and also can be used on a pottery wheel to grip high-fired pieces for rapidly smoothing the bottom of pots with our Diamond Sanding Pads. ( Not suitable for working on tall pieces.) Works best in conjunction with our Trimming Spinner.  StickyBats can handle either 9" or 10" bat pin spacing.  Made in USA. 

Use all appropriate safety precautions. Do not use with water. Slight downward pressure must be kept on the piece while the wheelhead is spinning.  Keep out of the reach of children. 

Please note: We keep limited stock of this item.  Should stock be exhausted, this item may be subject to a delivery time of up to 4 weeks.

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