Flexible Diamond Pads


Smooth off high-fired clay, glaze, bisqueware, tile, stone or glass faster and with fewer strokes and less force with these 2.5" X 2.5" diamond grit sanding pads. These highly flexible 1/4" thick foam-backed pads are great for smoothing corners or rounded curves. Smoothing or polishing the foot of a pot or mug prevents scratching wood or glass tabletops or snagging fabric tablecloths.  They far outlast ordinary sandpaper, and can be used wet or dry.

60 grit (coarse) for rough heavy clay or glaze

120 grit (medium) general purpose

200 grit (fine) for smoothing, 400 grit (extra fine)

800 grit (ultra fine) for polishing

Also now available 1500 grit and 3000 grit  5" diameter polishing pads.

Use all appropriate safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of children.             Made in USA.

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