Diamond Grinding Disc - 8"


 Diamond Grinding Discs  ( Potsavers ) are adhesive-backed, 8" diameter metal plates with diamond grit electroplated onto the metal.  They need to be attached to a smooth, clean, flat waterproof bat. They remove glaze drips or grind high-fired clay, bisqueware, tile or glass, or level the foot of a warped pot.  Since diamond grit has a 7000 hardness rating and silicon carbide is only rated at 2400, diamonds will last much longer and out-perform silicon carbide abrasives in speed, effort required and also produce better results.  For tool longevity, always use water to control dust, use high speed and gentle pressure.  "Let the diamonds do the work."

 60 grit (coarse) for heavy grinding, 120 grit (medium) general purpose,  240 grit (fine) for smoothing.  Made in USA.

Use all appropriate safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of children.

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